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Cylinders are de-valved and inspected for internal contamination. Cylinders are filled with water and pressurized and tested. The Recortest IV Test System incorporates the latest computer technology to provide fast, accurate cylinder requalification for the progressive hydrostatic test facility. At the push of a button the Recortest IV automatically performs the hydrostatic test, interprets the readings, and records the results. The complete Recortest IV Test System is a 2 test jacket configuration, with a full complement of technologically advanced support equipment to maximize daily production. After hydrostatic testing, cylinders are internally dried, first, 2 cylinders are positioned within the pneumatic clamp assembly. The desired program is keyed in and the process starts by clamping the cylinder and then inverting it a full 180 degrees letting water flow out. Cylinders are completely emptied. Then a stream of clean air is injected into the inverted cylinder to purge water left over from the hydrostatic test. Hot water is then injected into the cylinder, rapidly heating the walls, which is the key to the drying process. Clean air is once again injected to quickly evaporate any residual water. Cylinders are then rolled to the re-valving area and valves are installed. Cylinders are then taken from the re-valving area and rolled to the paint both.

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